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Contact for Bail


In general terms, bail simply means release of a person on one’s own bond, which necessarily does not require sureties. Shokeen legal Chambers is a reliable legal firm in Delhi, which exercises expertise in assisting its clients get bail easily in criminal matters. The legal experts at Shokeen Legal Chambers have years of experience in legal practice who always provide best possible legal aid to clients. With our thorough and distinctive approach, we always make the process of getting a bail quite smooth and less troublesome. 

In past many years we have successfully represented our clients in many heinous criminal cases. Although each criminal matter differs, our approach is always based on identifying the real problem and solving it diligently. We always work in collaboration with our clients to explore their options and find the best possible outcome which is effective as well as economical. We represent client in economic offences, NDPS, PMLA, SC/ST and others acts also.

Getting Divorce made easy


There is no doubt in the fact, ‘Marriages are made in Heaven’. However, not all marriages are supposed to last forever unfortunately. Trouble in a marriage leads to divorce, and to resolve complications it is best to hire a matrimonial lawyer. By hiring a matrimonial lawyer from Shokeen Legal Chambers, you can deal with aspects of alimony and child custody smoothly and settle for mutual and peaceful divorce proceedings. At Shokeen Legal Chambers, we provide the legal aid to our clients who decide to go through the challenging process of divorce settlement. With the aid of an experienced lawyer, we make the divorce settlement process simple, effective and affordable for you. Committed to provide best possible legal aid for divorce cases, we safeguard you in all aspects of divorce settlement process such as domestic violence, child custody, finances and alimony.

Contact for filing Insolvency & Bankruptcy


 The law relating to Insolvency and Bankruptcy in India has continuously been evolving and undergone a paradigm shift. Our specialized teams are in tune with the present and expected trends. It has also been a constituent of the policy making process for this domain.

         Shokeen Legal Chambers has been at the forefront of the new insolvency law, and has been involved in almost all major cases of insolvency under the new law. Our experience covers the entire range of this practice, starting from restructuring under formal and informal procedures towards revival for corporates with early signs of distress, to processes involving actual liquidation and winding down of businesses. We advise clients at the pre insolvency stage or during the corporate insolvency resolution process (advising the committee of creditors or the resolution professional), to acquisition of the stressed asset via an insolvency process. Our integrated approach comprehensively addresses diverse aspects of an insolvency matter including acquisitions, deal structuring, drafting the resolution plan, conducting legal due diligence, conducting meetings with resolution professionals to address concerns and clarify queries. We also represent before the National Company Law Tribunal on behalf of the acquirer to see the matter through to its conclusion.

Get your money back


If you have a Cheque issued by a debtor that has bounced or has been dishonored, or someone has issued a cheque bounce notice against you, or you have received court summons for a 138 NI (Negotiable Instruments Act) complaint against you, Then Don't Worry. We have lawyers for cheque Bounce Lawyers in Delhi. We have Expertise in Handling Cheque Bounce cases efficiently. Our Cheque Bounce lawyers will files a suit for recovery of the amount of the cheque along with the cost and interest. A criminal complaint can also be lodged. However, before the filing of the complaint, we serves the statutory notice to the party for payment of the cheque amount, we files that complaint on behalf of the pleader on the Power of Attorney. Cheque bounce comes in criminal offence in a Delhi. So you must consult or should take legal Advice from a Expert Cheque Bounce lawyers.



Help Prevent Legal Issues & Reduce Potential Legal Risk

The most valuable commodity in business is knowledge. The more you know about your company, your competition, and your customers the better poised you are to quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace to capitalize on opportunities. 

A legal audit is an incredible source of knowledge. It helps you better understand the reality of your legal position. Once you have that knowledge you are able to take the appropriate action. Furthermore it helps expose hidden risks and unmasks hidden assets or revenue sources.

We will help you identify legal issues and risks before it’s too late and they become legal problems.

When most people think of audits they think of financial audits. But, if you are not regularly looking at your legal situation in the key operational areas of your business.

You could be unnecessarily exposing yourself to legal risk and missing major threats to your financial security or major assets that you were unaware you had.

Our legal audit services can help keep you from being surprised by legal issues down the road and limit your exposure to a variety of different legal risks.

Because we have handled a wide range of different corporate legal matters we have had the opportunity to observe up close what kinds of issues lead to expensive litigation situations when not handled properly up front.

Our firm has years of experience handling complex business litigation.

We understand what the most common triggers of commercial litigation are, how to identify them early on, and how to mitigate potential risks. Our extensive knowledge of business best practices, state corporate law, and federal corporate law allow us to make actionable recommendations that help you avoid potential future legal problems.

Get hold of your property


Commercial landlord-tenant disputes can have a drastic effect on a business. In order to protect yourself, your business and your property, enlist the assistance of the experienced advocates of Shokeen Legal Chambers.

Whether a small building or a large prestigious property, we at Shokeen Legal Chambers can handle any issue you are facing as a landlord or as a tenant. With more than 7 years of combined experience, our attorneys have amassed a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the laws that govern commercial landlord-tenant issues.

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